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Personal Injury FAQs in Woodbridge, VA

What is the Statute of Limitations in a personal injury action?

The Statue of Limitations in a personal injury matter generally expires two years from the date the accident occurred. We are not providing a legal opinion as to what the time period is in your case. However, if no legal action is taken within the appropriate time limit, you will be forever prevented from taking legal action. Therefore, if you have any intention of pursuing your injury, you should seek the services and advice of an attorney, immediately.

Should I communicate with or contact the insurance company for the person who caused my injuries?

Absolutely not! Under no circumstances should you contact the insurance company once you have retained an attorney. If you contact the other person's insurance company for any reason, you could ruin your entire case with one question or statement.

Can I contact the person or persons who are responsible for my injuries?

Again, absolutely not! If you contact the person or persons responsible, you could jeopardize settlement of our case. Remember that any statement you make, even an innocent comment, could be used against you or misinterpreted. It is not appropriate for you to contact the tortfeasor even if the tortfeasor has not told the truth about how the incident occurred.

Is it possible that my case will settle before trial?

Yes. Many cases settle during the lawsuit process while a small minority of cases have to proceed all the way through trial. It is impossible to predict when or if any particular case will settle.

If I win, how long does it take to receive the money?

If a verdict is rendered in your favor, it usually takes a few weeks to a month to finalize the results. If the defense attorney does not appeal the verdict, the lawyers will work out the final figures with respect to the verdict, interest, court costs, deductions, and attorneys' fees.

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