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The goal of hiring a personal injury lawyer is to work with a legal representative who can help you recover the money you deserve after another party’s actions or neglect resulted in your injury. To make sure you’re well-represented, don’t hire the first attorney that crosses your path without first asking some questions.

Start by gathering a list of personal injury lawyers in Virginia. Then, check out their websites, looking for legal professionals who have served your area for many years and specialize in your type of personal injury. Finally, read testimonials and outcomes of noteworthy cases to further narrow down your options.

Once your list is a little shorter, it’s time to make some phone calls and schedule case evaluations. When you do, here are some potential questions you may want to ask each personal injury lawyer.

What are Your Fees?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t collect attorney’s fees until—and unless—you win your case. Still, it’s important to confirm rather than assume this information. You’ll also want to clarify whether fees are a set amount or a percentage of the settlement/judgment.

Will I Owe Fees If We Lose the Case?

Ask the attorney if you are responsible for covering any costs in the event that you lose your case. Attorneys may not charge you for their services if you lose, but you may still owe fees for filing your case, conducting depositions, hiring court reporters, paying investigators, and more. Verify what these amounts may be and whether you owe them as they are incurred or when your case is closed.

How Many Cases Like Mine Have You Worked on Before?

Personal injury lawyers can work in many different areas. After describing your case, ask if the attorney has experience handling situations like yours, knowing that different practice areas may include:

How Long Do You Expect My Case to Take?

Every case is different, and timeframes can be hard to predict, but your attorney can give you a rough estimate based on their experience working on cases like yours in the past. Also, inquire about the percentage of cases the attorney has settled vs. litigated. The ability to settle out of court can save you time and hassle compared to going to trial, but you could end up being awarded a larger judgment if you litigate. An experienced attorney can help you decide which option is best in your case.

If you’re a victim of a personal injury, we invite you to contact Childers and Associates. Our personal injury lawyers began practicing law in Virginia over 30 years ago. We are committed to providing sound legal advice and giving your case the attention it deserves. For answers to any remaining questions, please contact us at (703) 330-6300 to schedule your free case analysis today.