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  • Tips for Avoiding Common Driving Distractions

        No matter how experienced and careful of a driver you are, it only takes a split second for an auto accident to happen. A crash can occur in the time it takes you to glance down at the radio dial, pick up a cup of coffee, or turn your head in the direction… ...
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  • When Should You Call an Attorney After an Auto Accident?

    In the wake of an auto accident, legal representation offers peace of mind. You’ll know that your lawyer can deal with the insurance company for you, and if need be, file a lawsuit to ensure you receive every penny you’re entitled to. After any crash, your first phone call should be to the local police… ...
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  • Why Seatbelts Matter for Backseat Passengers

    It’s the law to buckle up when you’re in the front seat of a motor vehicle, but what about the backseat? Although adults aren’t legally required to wear a seatbelt while sitting in the backseat, failing to do so can put them and others at risk in the event of an auto accident. Find out… ...
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    Truck accidents are more likely than auto accidents to cause catastrophic personal injuries and wrongful death. There are two main ways in which improper loading can cause truck accidents. A pick-up truck or other vehicle that doesn’t fully enclose the cargo can cause an accident if the cargo isn’t properly strapped in. Even small items… ...
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