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There are thousands of pedestrian accidents every year, but the legal issues surrounding them are still not well-understood. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, whether as a driver or as a pedestrian, you may be wondering what you should do next. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about pedestrian accidents—and the answers.

Who Is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

There is a widespread belief that the driver is always at fault in a pedestrian accident. In fact, there are some situations in which the pedestrian may be faulted. If a pedestrian is jaywalking, crossing a street in violation of a traffic signal, or walking in a prohibited area such as an expressway or a bridge, then the pedestrian may be held entirely—or partly—responsible. If you’re uncertain about whether or not you are at fault, talk to an attorney.

What Is the Driver’s Responsibility After the Accident?

Drivers are required to stop at the scene of an accident, and they are required to give their name and insurance information to anyone else who was involved. If a driver flees the scene, it is known as a hit-and-run accident, and the driver can be subject to further legal charges. It’s important to contact the police immediately after an accident so that a report can be filed, whether or not anybody appears to be injured.

How Can You Pursue an Injury Claim After an Accident?

Since pedestrians are much more unprotected than drivers, they’re also much more likely to be injured in the event of a car collision. If you’ve been injured, you’ll need to pursue a claim by getting in touch with the other party’s insurance provider. To ensure that your rights are being protected, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer before doing this.

If you have been badly injured in a road accident near Manassas, VA, contact The Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers to learn how we can help. Our legal team has a stellar reputation, based on a quarter-century of experience in personal injury cases. Unless you get a favorable outcome, we won’t charge you a dime. To learn more, call our law office today at (703) 330-6300.