Tips for Finding Witnesses After a Car Accident

When your auto accident attorney gets to work on your case, he or she will need to review all of the available evidence. This includes physical evidence such as photographs of the scene and intangible evidence like witness statements. As neutral third-parties who do not have a stake in the outcome of your personal injury claim, witnesses can prove invaluable for your case. car accident witness
When to Look

The first steps you should take after a car crash are to call 911, check for injuries, and move the car out of the path of oncoming traffic if possible. You also have a responsibility to yourself; if you’re injured, you should be aware that moving around may worsen your injuries. Being mindful of your well-being is more important than gathering witness statements. However, after you call 911 and if your injuries are not too serious, you can look for witnesses while you’re waiting for the emergency responders to arrive.

Who to Approach

Aside from the other driver, anyone on the scene at the time of the crash may be a potential witness for your case. Good Samaritans who stopped to help you, construction crews, utility workers, and passersby may have witnessed what happened. If no one is immediately identifiable, consider whether there are any nearby homes or commercial establishments. The occupants may have witnessed the crash.

What to Say

Since your auto accident attorney will need names and contact information, get a pen and paper before approaching witnesses. Or, use a notepad feature on your cellphone to take notes. Introduce yourself and ask whether the individual saw the crash. Request the individual’s name and contact information, and ask if he or she would be willing to write down a brief statement about what happened. If this is not possible, your car accident injury lawyer can contact the witness later to obtain a statement.

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