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person using social media on laptop

Social media can be a great way to stay in touch, but inappropriate use of it can easily lead to serious problems. This includes problems with pending personal injury lawsuits. It’s best to err on the side of caution and assume that the opposing counsel will check your social media profile, and quite possibly the profiles of your friends.

Do Use All Available Privacy Settings

Visit each of your profiles, and activate all available privacy safeguards. Don’t assume that the opposing lawyer will only look at your Facebook page. You should also ramp up your privacy settings for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other public platform.

Don’t Post Anything

The major risk of social media use during a legal proceeding is that the opposing counsel may use what you post to suggest that your claims or statements are less than truthful. For example, if your lawsuit asserts that the accident left you with a serious back injury, then a post on Facebook that shows you gardening could contradict this (even if the picture was actually taken years ago). It’s difficult to know exactly which posts might land you into trouble. Even if you don’t post anything personal, simply sharing a news story could be problematic. This is because, if you’re recovering from a head injury, you shouldn’t be looking at a screen at all.

Do Warn Your Friends

Inform your friends that talking about you or the lawsuit on social media while the case is pending could jeopardize the outcome. Even if you don’t post anything, a friend’s post that involves you could be problematic. If there’s any concern that your friends may not abide by your wishes, consider deactivating all of your accounts until the lawsuit is resolved.

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