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Getting in a car accident is frightening and stressful. As the victim of another driver’s negligence or intentional recklessness, you deserve compensation—not just for the damage done to your car, but for all the other expenses you incur as well. Here are six types of damages you may be able to claim after being in a car accident.

Vehicle Repair Costs

The primary purpose of car insurance is to help you pay to fix your damaged vehicle. Either your policy or that of the other driver should cover the expense, depending on who was at fault.

To ensure you have proof of your loss, take pictures of both vehicles involved in the accident, and have the officer on the scene note the damages in the police report. Before you can receive compensation, you will need to have a mechanic assess your car and verify the cost to fix it.

Medical Expenses

If you are injured in a car accident, you will likely incur medical expenses. These may take many forms, including ambulance fees, hospital stays, doctor visits, physical therapy, medical supplies, and ongoing care and treatment. Be sure to keep careful records of what you pay for medical care related to your car accident so you have proof of these costs when you request reimbursement.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

Your injuries might prevent you from working, resulting in lost wages. A permanent disability could even impact your earning potential for the rest of your career. To help you make your case when seeking compensation for these losses, you’ll need a letter from your employer, proof of income, and a medical report stating how many days you were unable to work.

Funeral Costs

Accidental death coverage helps cover the cost of funeral expenses if your family member is killed in a car accident. You may need to file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive monetary compensation following the loss of a loved one.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

This category refers to the miscellaneous costs directly tied to the car accident, such as towing fees, rental cars, and parking tickets. You may be entitled to compensation if your insurance company infers that you don’t normally pay for these costs.

Pain and Suffering

Of all the other damages related to a car accident, this is the only one without a provable monetary value. If you experience anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, body aches, scarring, or other physical and emotional trauma following the accident, you can include pain and suffering on your list of damages. You will need to provide proof of your distress, and the legal system will decide the appropriate compensation.

To increase the chances of a fair outcome in your case, consider hiring a car accident lawyer in Virginia. Working with a professional protects your rights and ensures you receive the monetary settlement you are entitled to. Contact Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers in the DC area for help getting back on your feet after a car accident.