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aggressive driver honking car horn

At best, aggressiveness can be considered a character flaw. At worst, it can lead to a fatal auto accident. It isn’t easy to share the road with an aggressive driver, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself. For safety’s sake, always assume that any encounter with an aggressive driver could turn into a road rage incident, and moderate your responses accordingly.

Provide Opportunities for the Driver to Pass Your Car

One common indicator of an aggressive driver is persistent tailgating. In extreme cases, the tailgater may honk the horn or flash the headlights at your car in an effort to get you to speed up. Speeding up won’t solve the problem, however, and it may make it worse. Instead, look for opportunities to let the aggressive driver pass you. If you’re on a multi-lane road, move over to the adjacent lane. Remember to use your turn signal. Otherwise, look for an area in which you can safely pull over and let the driver pass you.

Stay Calm and Do Not Escalate the Situation

If you can’t get away from the other driver, try to stay calm. In some cases, the other driver might pull up alongside your car. Never make eye contact with an aggressive driver. Avoid reacting to obscene hand gestures, and avoid using your own gestures. This will only escalate the situation, and it may be enough to trigger the other driver to commit an act of road rage.

Call 911 If You’re Concerned About Your Safety

If you have reason to believe the other driver is following you to your destination, or if the other driver is causing an unsafe situation on the road, call 911 right away. If possible, have a passenger make the call, pull over so that you can call, or use a hands-free communication device. If you’re in a parked car and the other driver has gotten out of his or her vehicle, lock your doors immediately and drive away if you can.

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