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person driving car while looking at smart phone screen

No matter how experienced and careful of a driver you are, it only takes a split second for an auto accident to happen. A crash can occur in the time it takes you to glance down at the radio dial, pick up a cup of coffee, or turn your head in the direction of a passenger. Every driver can benefit from brushing up on the basics of traffic safety.

Turn Your Electronic Devices Off

Cellphone usage behind the wheel is one of the most common causes of distraction-related auto accidents. Get into the habit of turning off your cellphone and any other electronic devices as you leave your home, before you even get into your car. No phone call or text message is worth risking your life for—or the lives of other people on the road.

Get organized before you pull out of your driveway.

Are you driving a new route? Set your GPS device before you take your car out of “park.” Find your favorite radio station or pop in a CD, and get your toll booth money ready before hitting the gas pedal.

Enlist the Help of Your Passengers

If you have any passengers, you can put them to work for you. Ask your passenger to change the radio station if an annoying commercial comes on. Or, ask him or her to send a text message for you. And don’t be shy about telling your passengers when you need them to be quiet so you can concentrate on the road. If you have kids who like to play electronic games in the car, make it a standing rule that all electronics must be in quiet mode.

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